Fierce Natural Hair: All Hail the Afro

Absolutely adore every look in this post! –Happy Natural 🙂


One of the first goals I had when I decided to stop relaxing my hair was to have big and bold hair.  I wanted people to see my hair before they saw me!  I could never achieve that before and when I was finally able to rock an afro, you couldn’t tell me nothin’!  I don’t know what it is, but when I have my hair all fro’d out I feel free, rebellious, and extra confident.  It could be the historical significance of the Afro that long stood against conforming to discriminatory norms.  In a lot of ways that still applies -the  natural hair trend  is breaking down impossible industry images of what beauty is.  I’m all for breaking down those walls and letting women celebrate who they are instead of wasting their time trying to be something they can’t.

So in celebration of the movement against industry…

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