Say What | Inspiration

inspirationImagine something you’d love to have, or the person you’d like to become…and label it destination. Now imagine what you need to do in order to reach that destination. Let’s call this journey. If you’re anything like me, your mind is completely clouded with a million thoughts, images, you name it.


The breakdown of the word inspiration defines as mental stimulation: Think, process and to do: Act…two steps necessary to reach any attainable goal: Create. The opportunities, milestones, lessons and growth all form from one essential explanation of the process…


A daily reminder of how inspiration works is recognizing that it exist within you then extends far beyond you: cars driving down a busy street, flowers and trees in a garden, a mom having lunch with her daughter. All these things were formed from a desire to create them. The car was built and so was the road the car drives on. The flowers and trees were planted to create a garden. Mom created life in another living form and spend time with her at a restaurant that was just someones dream at some point in its owner’s life.

Get where I’m going with this?

That’s the beauty in inspiration: your thoughts.

Thoughts become actions. Action becomes a journey. The journey leads to the destination.

Tap into the inspiration within yourself, then in all living things and use that to fuel your passion.

Be inspired to change, inspired to grow, inspired to support, inspired to love, inspired to live.

Happy Natural Brown Beauty & Editor-In-Chief,

Carmen Veal


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