Brown Skin Women | New & Improved


Queen Latifah couldn’t have said it better. One of the most beautiful opportunities in life is the opportunity to grow. Its been three months since the launch of Natural Hair Brown Beauty and we’ve grown so much since. We underwent some re-branding: a name change across social media and a more defined vision.

Our name and logo:


I wanted to go with a title that would allow further growth over a lifetime. One that is catchy and tells you exactly what our vision is in three short words, Purple is the color of royalty and lets face it, there is something absolutely regal about brown skin women. Gold is a complementary color to purple, and the perfect contrast to represent the Brown Skin Women brand.

The Brown Skin Women Focus

Aspiring Women Mentor Program (AWMP)

aspiring womenThe AWMP is designed to offer aspiring and up and coming entrepreneurs for women of color. Launching this Fall.

Everything I Am Youth Summit (EIA)

youth4EIA Youth Summit empowering young girls of girls of color the importance of self-love and self-awareness.

Color Me Beautiful

brown skin women 4Featuring brown skin women who look fabulous in color.

He Say (Coming Soon)

Cuddy-BuddyA black man’s opinion on brown skin women.

Additionally, we will continue our regular weekly post on natural hair, skin care and monthly post on influential woman. Be sure you subscribe to our blog and join our mailing list for exclusive newsletters full of giveaways and inspiration.

Finally, our instagram, twitter and facebook pages reflect our new name: BrownSkinWomen.

Blog with you all soon!

Happy Brown Skin Women & Founder,

Carmen Veal


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