Influential Woman | Jordan A. Minter

This month we are interviewing Brown Skin Influential Woman, Jordan Minter from Atlanta, GA – an actress/singer/dancer/aerialist/fitness lover.

Why Jordan Minter is our Brown Skin Influential Woman?

A little bit about me, Brown Skin Women blogger Amber Iman, and then much more about her! I became interested in natural hair blogging after becoming frustrated with most of the natural hair bloggers I was subscribing to. As an actress/singer/dancer, I realized that most of these women were movers and shakers in the natural hair world, but they weren’t physically…..moving and shaking! Why do their hairstyles last so long? How can they devote so much time to the mirror? I wanted natural hair advice from women who sweat and get their hands dirty daily – dancers, performers, personal trainers, etc. I wanted to hear from women whose lives mirrored mine. So, I turned to my friends, fellow artists, to discuss natural hair with women constantly “moving and shaking”!!!

Jordan sat down with us to discuss all things hair! In the past few years, she sang and performed aerial skills for over a year aboard Celebrity Cruise Line, performed as Nala in “Festival of the Lion King” at Disney World Orlando, traveled the world singing background for Janelle Monae, and is currently working towards becoming a licensed personal trainer, while auditioning and grinding in NY to be the next broadway star!

Hi Jordan!!!! So, how long have you been natural?

11 and a half years.

How would you describe your hair texture:

This isn’t multiple choice? lol!!! Ummmmmm…..Wavy? Yeah, it’s wavy/curly. It’s thick but it’s not coarse thick. It’s changed in the last two years. It’s gotten really limp and it just hangs there like a wet mop! It doesnt dry like “big hair, don’t care” anymore. It’s not big anymore, it’s just hair…. but you know, I’m super critical!!


What are you favorite hair products and how difficult/easy was it to discover what works best for your hair type?

I love Design Essentials Express Conditioner. I also love Kera Care Natural Hair Custard. A little bit goes a long way, its UH-mazing. Figuring out the best products was pretty easy, but because your hair changes with where you are, climate, water, etc., and I’ve moved around so much, I am always discovering new products and regimens. The water is different here than it was on the cruise ship, than it was in Orlando, and so on. So every time I unpack a suitcase, I have to rediscover what to do with my hair!

Do you have a special hair regimen?

Oh yes! I wash my hair every 5 days or 5 to 7 days. But if im not straigtening it, I wet it everyday. On the third day, I will do a conditioner rinse, no poo, to bring it to life. Then when I wash it, I do a scalp anti-dandruff shampoo, and then a moisturizing shampoo then a conditioner, then I rinse it out with cold water, and then I tie it up with a shirt to keep it from frizzing. Then I add in a leave in-conditioner, comb it out and then style it.

And how long does that take you, start to finish?

Like 45 minutes to an hour

What made you “go natural”?

My hair stylist just stopped giving me perms when I was in high school. She said, “I only give you perms twice a year because I gave you a perm once and now we just keep applying perms for maintenance.” That year I turned 16, and somehow we missed a perm, so when the time came for my second perm of the year, we had a discussion. She said, “We havent given you a perm, so let’s just stop perming it!” So, it wasn’t really on purpose, just fate, I guess!


How does being a Brown Skin beauty make you feel?

I feel good that my hair can do so many things and I know that the way I’m manipulating my hair with heat and water, it’s still a natural and healthy manipulation, and chemical free. It makes me feel good to know that I’m completely in control.

What advice would you give a woman/girl considering embracing their natural hair?

I would tell her that natural hair is more work than chemically altered hair. You have to DO your hair and take care of your hair, consistently! It’s not an easier option. Its a more “proud” option. Even though you’re fighting the elements all day, with humidity and wind and precipiatation, it’s still “all you” and you can take such pride in that.

Now, as an actress/singer/dancer/aerialist/fitness guru (lol), how does your haircare affect your busy and active lifestyle?

Giiirl, when I first straighten my hair, i don’t do nothing! I dont go to no class, I dont go to no gym, for like the first two days….!! (laughs at herself). But after that I’m like, let me get back to work! I mean, what’s a girl supposed to do? I like the way my hair looks and I just spent a few pennies getting it done, and then I don’t want to mess it up because frizz is real (lol). Look, I’m honest! But, lets say I go to class and I forget my scarf. I’m pissed but i’ll still workout. At the end of the day, I can still fix my hair. Even though I want to preserve it, if I mess it up, I can always get it back. I’m not a slave to my hair and I don’t allow it to control my life.


What is your take on women with identity crises and media standards of natural hair?

There are so many of us who have not embraced our hair and embraced ourselves. When you asked me that question, I immediately started thinking about “The Braxtons”, and about how much weeeave and hair they display on tv each week. I dont know what they really look like. You cant wear these wigs and weaves everyday and not have some type of loss of identity. You’re not really looking at yourself in the mirror everyday. This isn’t who you are, fake hair down to your butt is not who you are. It’s really not. It’s almost becoming, well it’s causing a crisis. And its not just them, sorry to call them out. All these girls who want the weave down to their behinds, it’s like “who am I?”, once the weave is out. You’re staying home, hiding out, afraid that somebody will see you in your natural state? You cant embrace your natural beauty, it’s horrible. I want women to embrace their beauty, to love themselves, to wake up everyday and say, “I’m enough. Just me. And that’s enough!”


Thanks you for sharing, Jordan! You are truly a brown skin beauty, and my chocolate twin, and an inspiration to naturalistas everywhere! Look for Jordan here:

Jordan and Amber 😉



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