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Now that you’ve been inspired and thought about how you can accomplish your goals, I’m sure you’ve also thought about how difficult that will be.  The saying goes, “Anything in life worth having is worth working for!”  But, what goes into that work?  What if it seems to be too difficult?


Some days you will simply TRIP and things won’t go as planned, but you’ll still succeed at reaching your goal and your success will be easy to see.  On other days, you may STUMBLE and have to work harder to obtain your goal and demonstrate, prove, or even believe in your success.  Then there will be days when you will FALL and you’ll fall so hard that you may not want to get back up for fear of falling again and falling harder the next time.


To be honest, perseverance can be difficult to put into practice for many of us, especially in today’s age when we’re so used to instant gratification.  Just think of what you could accomplish if you never took “NO” for an answer.  Your dreams are worth the hard work.   Don’t think so?  You know the people you look up to and are inspired by now?  They got to where they are and accomplished what they have because they never gave up on their dreams–they persevered.  Be like them.

Think that sounds like overwhelming pressure?

Remember this:

“You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.”

– Marian Wright Edelman

The only reason you can’t accomplish anything is because you say you can’t.

Persevere beyond self-doubt, the naysayers, and fear.  Persevere because you owe it to yourself and future generations to make your dreams come true.

Happy Natural Brown Beauty & Former Contributor,

Jaleith Zakiya


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