Editor | A Very Happy Natural

Greetings loves!

A few days ago this moment was captured and I decided to share…

I was in my comfort zone getting work done with my natural hair in braided Bantu knots in preparation for the following day’s hairstyle. When my sister (with relaxed hair) walked into my room laughing telling me how much of a hot mess I looked…and threatened to “post what behind the scenes Carmen looks like”.

What she didn’t realize in that moment is this: been there, done that….

I feel more beautiful with my messy hair, glitz & glam free, loungewear wearing (or ” looking a hot mess” ) than being all dolled up. I love who I am and am truly thankful I don’t have to hide from the world because my hair looks a mess…or my face has no makeup.
This way of life allows me to be completely worry free…

I can go to the pool and beach and actually enjoy being in the water (though in this pic I’m relaxing, I DID get in the water at some point).

And exercise/jogging without limiting myself on frequency to avoid sweating my hair out

So when the opportunity to get all dolled up presents itself…I do so proudly (this is the result of the braided Bantu knots).


I can assure you, had it been reversed roles–my sister with her relaxed natural hair untamed, and me on the opposite side of the camera threatening to post a pic of her–all h*ll would have broken lose.

True beauty is way more than skin deep. Loving and appreciating yourself, accepting who you are as you were created is where the beauty lies. God makes no mistakes.

I wrote this post and shared my comfort zone pics to encourage other naturals to feel the same. YOU define your own beauty.

BE encouraged.

Happy Natural, Founder & Editor in Chief
Carmen Veal

P.S. I made my high waist bikini. Visit my online store shopcarmenveal.com.


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