5 Ways Obamacare Benefits Black Women

An important part of why I’m so thrilled with the growth of Brown Skin Women is the opportunity to share pertinent information that affects our race. I was thrilled to read a writeup on the benefits of Obamacare and women of color. While there is a plethora of headlines that serve as a direct source of negative scare tactics surrounding the Affordable Care Act, it isn’t too difficult to weed out the relevant information. I wanted to share a summary of the write up and encourage you to read it further and share with love ones and friends. We all know someone who falls in one (if not multiple) of the following categories. Here are the benefits:

1. Better access to life-saving checkups
2. More young black women are now insured
3. Better access to birth control
4. Pre-existing conditions no longer a barrier to coverage
5. A barrier between women and their OB/GYN’s has been removed

To read the full details behind each please review Keli Golf, The Roots special correspondent, post here. Then consider passing this information along! 😉

All the best,

Happy Natural Carmen Veal


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