Natural Hair Love Affair


Friday night I had a conversation with a friend (white male) who complimented me on my hair. He mentioned how he’s dated women of color before (with and without natural hair) and how different the two worlds were (he was dead on). He mentioned how the women with relaxers and weaves would take hours doing their hair but wouldn’t be caught dead in a pool or exercise often. The convo reminded me of how liberated I feel because of my hair. The journey that got me here and the daily reminder that my natural being is what completes me.

A natural hair love affair is what I call it. I am in love with every single strand and its versatility. Its also the driving force behind me Co-Founding Brown Skin Women. Best part about being truly passionate about something is the willingness to share it with others. I wanted to share how happy my hair makes me feel. I know many of you know the feeling. 😉

Until next time,


P.S. Most of these styles are featured on my channel.


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