The Making of My Natural Hair Affair


I recently shared my love for my natural hair in my Natural Hair Love Affair blog post. Since then, a lot has happened that helped me look at natural hair in a more profound light.

Growing up, my mom wouldn’t allow my sister and I to get a relaxer. All we had for our hair was water and Vaseline. No curl designers, Eco style gel or edge control products. Nor did we know anything about hair patterns.

A few weeks ago, I was coincidentally stuck with no hair products (my daughter was hospitalized unexpectedly). I needed to do something to my hair. So I single twisted it with just water and let it dry over night. This is what it looked like in the end:


A little dry, but beautifully defined twist to say the least.

This made me think about the women I have had the pleasure of growing with, all because of our natural hair. How the “trend” of embracing natural hair is a beautiful force to be reckoned with.

At the very 1st Beauty Inside Out Natural Hair Meet-Up I co-hosted in October, guest shared their hair stories and requested more events of its kind.

Additionally, some of the youth who attended our Everything I Am Youth Summit requested we share natural hair care lessons of sort.

And thus “My Natural Hair Affair Brunch & Pop Up Shops” was born.


Many people aren’t aware of my background with styling hair. My very first job was as a hair braider and twister at a hair salon for six years. Additionally, I’m thrilled to have explored getting to know, style and grow my own and a few relatives, natural hair over the past three years. Now, I’m exploring instructing natural hair pop up shops and I am so excited to share all that I know! Here is one of four of the shops starting soon.


When God blesses you with a creative ability, share it with the world. As the Founder of Brown Skin, I am proud to be amongst a community of women and girls who has added such happiness to my world. I didn’t realize embracing my natural hair, and creating this platform would offer so much! I am forever grateful :-).

Until next time,

XX Carmen



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