True Beauty | Inside Out

Greetings Brown Skin Beauties!

Its unlike me to post anything late at night. Let alone actually be wide awake past 10pm, but here I am. Unable to sleep after taking a nap, I’m wired excited about our next Beauty Inside Out Happy Hour Meet-Up tomorrow evening.

Instead of working (well, this is actually work but fun work) I googled beauty inside out. A link to an article on came up sharing 8 ways to be beautiful from the inside out. It prompted me to scroll through images from our My Natural Hair Affair pop up shop kick off brunch on 1/18


There were women both young and seasoned who looked absolutely beautiful:

Two of topics from the article caught my undivided attention.

6. Leave Competition Out of Beauty

” It’s important to remember that beauty is about looking the best you can for your age rather than competing with others. Women who say they feel attractive as they age are interested in looking and feeling healthy, robust and vital, not younger. They don’t focus on having the smoothest skin, the thinnest waist, plumpest lips or the youngest body. They feel like winners, not because they come in first in a competition, but because they get out of a race they know they can’t win and channel their energy into achieving their personal best.”

8. See Yourself as an Example for the Next Generation

“These are women who don’t panic as their looks change, so their bodies and faces appear calm and relaxed. At social and professional gatherings, they show the kind of poise and grace they want their daughters and younger colleagues to emulate. They say they owe it to themselves and others to look forward optimistically to the years that lie ahead so that they pass on that kind of confidence to others. Strength and beauty is reflected proudly on their faces and bodies for all to see. ”

We actually had a 15 year old in attendance. She approached me afterwards asking me to twist her hair (I did the following week).

Her twist took about four hours so I had the pleasure of getting to know her better. And inviting her to attend our next Everything I Am Youth Summit on 3/29.

This very moment of reflection and awareness warms my heart beyond belief. I’m just happy and proud to have created a platform that not only empowers, inspires and celebrates women and girls of color. But one that also influences building stronger sisterhood.

Xo until next time!

Happy Natural,

Carmen Veal

Read more:

Photos taken by Aveery Media


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