Smell your absolute best (using oils)…


I am pleased to introduce our first scent testing event for our local Brown Skin Women. Here, I will outline the differences between essential oils, perfume oils, and perfumes so you can have a more enjoyable and complete experience at our first scent testing!

Essential oils occur naturally. They are obtained by distillation which allows them to retain the fragrance of the source they were derived from like plant parts such as flowers. Distillation just takes the fragrant oils from the plants and extracts it to make potent and very fragrant oil. Essential oils are basically the natural building blocks for most fragrances.

Perfume oils are concentrated aromas which have been chemically altered. They are not a direct result of a plant aroma. Unlike essential oils, perfume oils are made from many different chemicals in a laboratory, but they are generally more potent than perfumes.

Perfumes are more complex than essential oils and perfume oils. Perfumes are generally made from a mixture of essential oils and other aroma compounds. Perfumes are what is most commonly worn to for their scent, and are the result of laboratory processes. Perfumes are often watered down and contain alcohol.

Knowing the differences in these terms will help you understand exactly what you are testing so you can make more informed decisions, and experience each scent in all its beauty.


I hope to see many of you gorgeous (local) Brown Skin Women at our 1st scent testing featuring The Scent Bar (a bath and body boutique) at NIRO boutique downtown Hartford! You can enjoy tasty appetizers and bottomless red and white wines :-).

Editor In Chief



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