Tired of Natural Hair Misconceptions


Yesterday while getting work done in my local coffee shop, a woman approached me asking about my hair. She explained how she’s been natural for close to five years but chooses to wear wigs because “I don’t like the natural hair look, but I love your hair”.

I asked her “exactly what is the natural hair look?”. She paused for a moment then said “you know, nappy”. She then proceeded to admire how shiny and healthy my hair looks. Even asked if I get it done professionally and if I apply any chemicals to make it “less nappy”.

I do not.

I have had it with the lack of understandings with natural hair. Hell, anyone would look a hot mess if they didn’t care for their hair. No matter the nationality or hair type. I would feel more comfortable knowing one chooses to wear weaves, wigs and relaxers for preference. I am uncomfortable knowing it’s because of natural hair misconceptions. So, I’m bringing back another My Natural Hair Affair Brunch meet-up. This time more personalized, educational and fun. I’m even opening the event up to youth attendees, so they can learn early on what many adults still don’t understand. I will also do a My Natural Hair Affair Series on my youtube.com/carmendveal channel. Sharing the process of washing, styling and maintaining my hair.

I may tweak this flyer a few times more but in a nutshell, this is it.


Bottom line is, if you’re good to your natural hair your natural hair WILL be good to you. My hope is to help break these negative chains of misconceptions regarding natural hair.

Until next time…


Email: info@carmenveal.com


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