A Natural Hair Affair



I’ve been working as my own boss since May of 2009 (yes, I’ve reached the 5 year mark as an entrepreneur 🙂 ). So believe me when I tell you, the essence in working in any industry/field is finding your niche. Not only does it simplify things, it allows you to tap into an area of focus that should promote working smarter, not harder.

If you pay attention to my post (which, I’m hoping you do). You’d notice 80% of my content involves…



Natural hair of course! I am truly, inevitably in love with every strand of my natural hair. Since making the decision to embrace my natural being, my world has slowly become one of deeper meaning. If you’re a natural (who embrace the maintenance and hair care struggle) you know exactly what I mean. My hair is a conversation starter, usually the center of attention and well, it just feels absolutely amazing.

I created this collage of guest who attended my 1st My Natural Hair Affair brunch meet up in January for the feature page on naturalhairaffair.com. It makes me smile. Everyone looks so beautiful and natural.

So, I’ve shifted my gears to focus an area I know and love– naturalhairaffair.com. Check it out, share you thoughts. Submit your natural hair pics to be featured and help me end the dislike towards and misunderstand of beautifully style and well maintained natural hair.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there :-).
Until next time,




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