RIP Karyn Washington Founder of For Brown Girls


It truly saddens my heart to have read this news this morning. Karyn passed from an apparent suicide. When I saw the tweet by Clutch Magazine I immediately thought it was a joke.

Karyn Washington age 22, a beautiful brown skin young lady was on a mission to combat colorist. She did so through creating For Brown Girls and starting the dark skin red lip project. Karyn planned to begin a mentor ship program for girls of color. As she once explained she had major difficulty with identify for most of her life. Perhaps she was still battling the crisis internally. I know she was struggling with her mom’s recent passing, but…I didn’t know she was hurting so deeply.

I had the pleasure of working with Karyn on upcoming projects and events. As our visions with our platforms were closely aligned. Never once had it crossed my mind our plan wouldn’t be brought to fruition.

I can not express how deeply pained I am by her passing. Her passion was admirable and will truly be missed.



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