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Natural Hair Affair Brunch Meet Up

A Meet Up Celebrating Women of Color & Their Natural Hair Journeys.

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Hartford, CT, Saturday April 26, 2014- The Natural Hair Brunch Meet Up held once a quarter by Brown Skin Women Creator Carmen Veal, Connecticut’s newest initiative that celebrates and empowers women and girls of color.

More than 50 guest attended the event, which included Women of Color who we’re current, considering and transitioning women who embrace their natural hair. This event included a live interactive Q&A panel with guest who shared their natural hair styles and journeys, a discussion with TaNesha Barnes, Licensed Estethician who explored the nature of beauty and shopping with vendors.

“My second Natural Hair Affair Brunch Meet Up was absolutely amazing! The women were beautiful, receptive and sharing. The event offered a crucial blend of celebration and awareness to women and girls of color with a fun experience that promotes building a strong sisterhood,” said Carmen Veal, Brown Skin Women Founder and host of the event. “My vision to highlight our place in society starting in my home state (Connecticut) has become a reality. And I am elated!”

Brown Skin Women’s local events success relies primarily on the receptiveness of women and girls of color residing in the state of Connecticut.

This event was held in The Richardson Room inside of City Steam located Downtown Hartford. The first bunch held in January received recognition from Essence Magazine and was featured on the online magazine in March 2014. The next Natural Hair Affair Brunch Meet Up is on Saturday July 19, 2014.

For information on upcoming Brown Skin Women events, call 860-255-4743 or visit

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