Naturally Fly, No Lye

Everything I create I do so with a deep admirable connection. Someway, somehow that very thing has influenced me. Through the existence of a relationship founded on deep passion.


Brown Skin Women is the platform that allows me to shine. As a women of color who has grown to love herself…inside out. I emphasize “inside out” , as it wasn’t always the case. Though I’ve always been complimented about my natural beauty, I didn’t see what others saw. I saw flaws. All flaws.

It wasn’t until I chopped off my natural hair–and actually embraced it. About a year after I cut it. Delayed, but embraced to say the least. Today, I feel beautiful. I embrace my natural being. I embrace my kinky hair. And I encourage the beauty in other women, doing the same.

To further express my love for my hair, I have the above “Naturally Fly, No Lye” shirt made and the request were high. So I made a large production, should out at my last Natural Hair Affair brunch Meet Up and decided create another. The short sleeve (as displayed) is $22 and the sleeveless (shown below) cost $27 (they’re both 100% cotton but the sleeveless is  made of four-way stretch (jersey knit) fabric.

My next natural hair event will be a Loc Appreciation Day Soirée June 28th and Natural Hair Affair Brunch Meet-up in July. Followed by a Natural Hair and Beauty Show in November. I am excited :-).




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