We’re Going Fire Walking!

Sounds frightening right? You’re right! It was a frightening thought for me once, but it was an activity on my to-do list so I had to try it. At least once. Boy was I mistaken. The experience was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I went fire walking as a result of a Bucket List item in 2011. Since, I have made the activity an annual to-do. Fire walking, though it sounds scary, is an experience that liberated and grounded me. I’ve done it twice and both times I got a different take from it (both pleasant). No burn or sores either time! To calm you a little, know it doesn’t involve actually walking on fire. Though apart of the three hour workshop is to build the fire, let it burn down to coal, then walk on the hot coal. There are other shocking activities that take place before, which had me more frightened than walking on hot coal (you’ll have to come to find out). In the end, it was fun and therapuetic! Led by Yogi & Fire Walk Facilitator Dan Glynn, at his absolutely BEAUTIFUL home in Niantic, CT. This is a treat you should try at least once! Price per person is $60 to be paid to Dan directly.


Last time I went I took a friend and my teenage sister with me and they had quite the experience as well. It’s really difficult to put into words. It’s an activity you have to experience alone to try and define it. I assure you that will be the most challenging part of this experience– trying to put the grounding experience into words. The epitome of mind over matter.

I’m at it again and I’m taking anyone who would like to join me. If you are local (in Connecticut) please RSVP here.

Until next time…XO




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