Self Love : Be good to yourself…

At an attempt to temporarily escape a private battle, I indulge in the world of blogging. To reflect on the one thing that has added balance and value to my life: Self-love. And to share a bit of the very things that I thrive off of to keep mentally and physically balanced…Self-Care.

Life has a way of serving the ultimate reality check. A current battle myself and my family are facing is doing just that. I’m sharing bits and pieces of my experiences along the way (like I did in my “In the midst of Catastrophe” blog post). Have you ever heard “life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it”? This is 100% true. Each and every one of us faces adversities on a daily basis. They make you cry, stress, question why etc. Despite the emotional roller coaster, I choose not to be reduced by any of it. There is a lesson in everything. My family and I are facing, we are telling one another “I love you” much more, spending more time together and praying more often. We’ve literally put our lives on hold and to be completely honest, I am drained. I need an escape. The opportunity to focus on myself then pick up where I left off. I call it hitting the self-care reset button.

With self love comes the never ending obligation to prioritize self-care. By self-care, I do not mean self-indulge. I do not mean go off splurging on a visit to the spa or buying expensive “stuff”. Stuff doesn’t make you feel better about yourself. It may make you feel good, but temporarily. The self-care I’m referring to occurs non-monetarily. Meditation (though I haven’t quite figured out the art of it, I practice it), exercise, healthy foods, journaling (or blogging in my case), taking a bubble bath etc. For my “me time” I decided to head to my local coffee shop for my favorite cup of hot honey ginger lemon tea, people watch, blog and think. I’m already feeling renewed. And so I felt the need to share with you the very thing that keeps me balanced. As you read (and hopefully apply), I will head back to my family and out my Super Woman cape on with pride.

In closing I will say:

If you do not love yourself you are, in no way, shape or form, fit to love anyone else. If you can’t handle being alone, or, complete silence. Work. On. This.

Until next time…



One thought on “Self Love : Be good to yourself…

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