A Retreat for Young Women

I often reference the saying “be the change you want to see”. I do so not just because it sounds good, but I know (1) what it feels like to have nothing, and (2) how amazing it actually feels to turn that nothing into something, profound. The highlight of my daily life involves opportunities that allows me to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


Brown Skin Women 1st annual Inward Bound Youth Weekend Retreat June 6-8, 2014.

Myself, Entrepreneur and Advocate for Change on behalf of Brown Skin Women alongside colleagues Samantha Forbes – Certified Health Coach & Owner of The Cultivated Self and Kate Hayden Creator of Inner Diplomat & Yoga Instructor, partnered to offer a holistic weekend retreat at a beautiful lake house in New Milford, CT owned and donated by Brendan Walsh.

The retreat welcomed four young women ages 16-19 who were minority teens selected by application from the Hartford area. They were classically underserved and were quite deserving of the opportunity to bond and network with other young women and mentors like the three of us. We explored self-empowerment through discussions surrounding self-care, nutrition through educating on healthy eating and meal options, yoga and meditation and future aspirations through creating vision boards and discussing professional etiquette.

Thanks to the support of our family and friends, we were able to raise funds to cover all expenses and offer this weekend at no cost to the young women and their families.

A weekend to remember and experience to cherish for a lifetime. We are planning to offer this retreat again next year and truly look forward to creating a space and opportunity for bright young women transitioning into adulthood. View photo recaps below or full album on our facebook page here. Until next time, Xx…



View of our Lake house in New Milford, CT


AM Yoga

AM Yoga

Homemade All Natural Facials

Homemade All Natural Facials





Healthy meals enjoyed together outdoors

Healthy meals made with organic ingredients and enjoyed together outdoors

Vision Board Creating

Vision Board Creating

Rest & Relaxation on the dock

Rest & Relaxation on the dock


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