Featured on Naturally Curly…

Who knew…an impulsive decision to chop off all of my relaxed hair would lead to where I am today (both physical, mental and spiritual growth). Like the first email request I received from Essence magazine, I literally squealed when an email from Naturally Curly landed in my inbox requesting an interview with me.

While I am sharing the link to the interview (here), I wanted to share a  few things that comes from a very special, private place. I didn’t have much growing up. I didn’t make the best decisions upon entering adulthood. I did however, refuse to allow my struggles and consequences (from poor decision-making) to prevent me from at least trying to do what truly felt. I wanted to do so many things that made me feel complete (make clothing and advocate for autism & minority women and girls) and so I did. Today, I am sharing my strides on my facebook fanpage (which has grown tremendously– thank you guys for the love!) and via all of Brown Skin Women social media outlets. Starting multiple companies, landing amazing contracts with large brands, sharing my experiences with others to help them grow–the list goes on.

I’m here, sharing with you all, because five years ago I decided to go for it. Though my progress didn’t happen over night, it happened. And so I am encouraging you to do the same. I will wrap up this post by sharing a quote I have grown to love:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Until next time,..





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