Event Exclusive | Anowa Adjah


Allow me to introduce Anowa Adjah, full figured phenomenon, Fitness trainer, single mother of twin boys and overall sensational woman with a remarkable story!

I had the pleasure of working with Anowa a few times in the past. The most recent opportunity was June of 2013 which was an interview with her under the Influential Woman category of this blog. Before writing this post, I read through her interview from last year and smiled. It reminded me how amazing it is to have a dream, setting a goal and work hard to attain it. The very thing Anowa told me she wanted to do, is being done. Here’s an excerpt from my interview with her previous interview feature:

“Currently, Anowa is working on her second series of workout DVDs, which offers unique exercises targeted towards curvier women. In addition, she’s created her own “PowerHouse Workout, Wellness, & Empowerment Workshop” which travels to various cities promoting the message of Self-Improvement, Health and Wellness.”.

Anowa has since published two workout DVD’s, had twin boys, and is taking the world by storm with her traveling workshops. Not only did she publicly share her post birth transformation, she encourages through sharing the journey of other women around the world. I am happy to share I’ll be hosting her group fitness class here in Hartford, CT on October 25th. A beautiful venue (the exquisite Hartford 21 located in the heart of downtown Hartford), live DJ and a before and after meet and greet with the woman of great influence. I can not wait!

Check out our interview here and if you’re local, rsvp for the class here.

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