Autism and Natural Hair…

I love someone with autism. A very severe form of the condition. Who happens to be someone I provide primary care for. Who happens to have natural hair. Super thick, natural hair. She is my daughter, Sania.IMG_2118.JPG

Yes, us bloggers and Internet personalities have parts of us we don’t showcase. In my case I do, just not on the Brown Skin Women platforms. I’ve always shared my personal struggle/journey with autism via the organization I founded in 2010, called Hope 4 Autism. Until now. My child, though she looks mixed, is not. Her hair is a wavier texture, close to a 2b-2c-3a range as described in my Hair Type blog post or as illustrated here:

Sania’s condition gets in the way of her understanding momma is simply trying to tame her mane. This child is hot then cold when it comes to hair. A LOT of bribing, extra periods of time and tons of kisses are used to get through washing/styling. One I recently made work was her flat twist.

Another minor blah with our hair is the difference in textures. I’m in the 3c-4a range. Talk about being a product junky! In my case it isn’t by choice. Most of what works on my hair does absolutely nothing on hers. Some products literally sit on her hair, as it it repels it. So I’m learning more about Sania’s hair, and sharing my journey with you ladies. Any of you with little ones who can relate? Have any products or techniques to share? I am all ears.

Until next time…
Lots of hugs and kisses with mini me and mama bear…




3 thoughts on “Autism and Natural Hair…

  1. I ❤️ someone that has autism and natural hair also. My cousin. It has been interesting and a challenge for her mother. The ups and downs of autism and just a black girls normal frustration with her hair make for double the challenge. Thanks for sharing and for validation that there are more of us.

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