Beauty Brunch (and a Happy Natural!)

The happy natural is me, of course! Yesterday I attended a fabulous beauty brunch by one of my partners Tainted that I absolutely enjoyed! Plus, I was in need of a short but sweet trailer for my natural hair channel on youtube (@carmendveal). I killed two birds with one stone: getting dressed for a fabulous beauty brunch and recording my hair/makeup process along the way. Here are a few shots from the brunch and, a peak at my hair.

The style is an old blow out turned four flat twist and bantu knotted ends. I used a little water (on my fingers, just to dampen my hair a bit) and the super tasty smelling Olive Shea Butter Blend from I’m Positively Natural (shout out to Nija for being my latest Natural Hair brunch product sponsor), about twelve hours to drive and WALA! Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for more exciting things for my Brown Skin Women natural hair network :).




Until next time…




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