Alexandria Walker

Location: Manhattan, New York.


Natural for: I have been a proud Naturalista for about 4 years now.
Big Chop or Transition: I’ve had a bit of both a big chop and transition. Initially I had done a big chop one summer, only to end up finding myself getting my first relaxer that autumn. However, as I felt more strongly about my own natural hair and healthy lifestyle journey, I transitioned from having texture-enhanced hair into loving and embracing my happily natural curl pattern.
Personal Message:
Hello beautifully blessed individuals,
Whether you are a weave-stress, transitioning, or all Naturalista, I believe that at the end of the day understanding how to care for your natural hair is essential to overall healthy hair.
As women we regard our hair as our crown and our glory; an essence of beauty which externally begin to define us.
And as an editor of Brown Beauty and natural myself whom has been heavily involved in the Natural Hair Community for many years, I am equip with the open and willingness to answer any and all of your questions about hair care; be them indirectly through my post, or directly through a private message.Now, while I do not claim to know every nook and cranny in regards to hair care, I will always do my personal best to help you find your answers to healthier and happier hair.
I welcome you to embrace your personal beauty as a woman.
And to love yourself throughout the natural features you were rightfully given.
It is an honor to be of service to you all.
And I look forward to hearing from and sharing with everyone!
Happy Natural,