Carmen Veal

Location: Connecticut

Natural for: Three years

Big Chop or Transition: Big Chop *fist pump*

Personal Message:

Hey guys!

First I’d like to thank you for visiting my profile page! I’m really excited about Brown Skin Women as it’s another opportunity to promote and strengthen women and girls of color.

I started my first business at the age of 13–braiding the hair of relatives and friends. Leading up to a full time position in a braiding studio from age 17-23 (six very long tiring years!). I made a decent living but sacrificed my life working six days a week, usually working 13 hour days. When I decided to part ways with the hair industry, I did so knowing I would never return. Boy was I wrong.

The entire time while working in the salon braiding and twisting hair, I had relaxed hair. I received my first relaxer at age thirteen after BEGGING my mom for one. I was picked on as a child because of my dark skin tone and nappy hair and thought a relaxer would transform my image. It was a rough 12 years of relaxers ( I’m 28 — I know someone is calculating my age haha) that lead up to an impulsive big chop.That was three years ago. Since, I’ve done my hair in countless hair styles and convinced close friends and relatives to go natural (without actually trying). The beauty is, I’m a natural when it comes to dealing with natural hair. So, it didn’t take long before the demand to style others hair came rolling in. And thus my Natural Hair Pop Up shops were born!

Chopping off my hair was the best thing I could have EVER done. I became my true self. I’ve never looked back and am only more excited about the rest of my natural hair journey. A decision that lead to an understanding and acceptance of my being. Allowing me to embrace who I am as I am, and encourage others to do and feel the same.

I founded Brown Skin Women (formerly known as Natural Hair Brown Beauty) with the sole mission to uplift and inspire women and girls if color. I partnered with all the beautiful brown skin women editors who are also beautiful brown skin woman with natural hair. I look forward to Brown Skin growing even larger. Looking forward to the day when I read this bio and smile at a job well done!

I hope our vision makes a difference in your own life! We are just getting started…

Happy Natural,