Melissa Griffiths

Location: Connecticut

Natural for: Two years

Big Chop or Transition: I transitioned with braids and wigs. I experienced heat damage 1 year ago : (.  I decided to trim as I went along instead of re-chopping my hair has almost re-cooperated.

Personal Message:

Hi all,

Going natural to me felt like returning home after a long stressful trip. I decided to return to my natural state because I wanted my hair to be the healthiest version of itself and I wasn’t able to achieve that with a relaxer (for the record I am not anti-relaxer I’m just pro-natural hair). My second reason was my new workout regimen. I sweat heavily in my head and there was no wrap, ponytail, or technique I used that fully protected my relaxed hair from my workout.  In a nutshell I made the health of my hair and body a priority above all else.

I believe it’s important for me to say I believe each woman can and should decide what is best for their own hair.  Going natural is a process and it’s important to understand and accept that we don’t all do it the same way.  Genetics, products, and the techniques we use help determine the texture, moisture, growth rate, coil, and body of our hair.

Lastly, I am not a licensed hair technician nor do I presume to know everything there is about natural hair.  What I am here to do is share my story, complete with its ups and downs, and the story, tips, and advice of other inspiring natural hair beauties.  I am and forever will be a work in progress and I look forward to my journey.

P.S. To document my journey I began, but unsuccessfully maintained, a video log.  I made the below video the night before I made the CUT…I was so excited.   : )