Hair Care Tips

natural hair tipsIf you’re good to your hair, your hair will be good to you. So let’s make sure we follow some basic rules

  1. Keep your hair hydrated since water is natural hair’s best friend. Keep em’ close ladies. It’s best to purchase or re-purpose spray bottles.
  2. Always always always condition your hair. If not daily at least once per week. If you’re into or consider co-washing be sure to review our review on co-washing.
  3. Try using natural products that won’t dry your hair out. If you use hair gel, one great brand that’s alcohol free is Eco Style Gel (it’s also inexpensive).
  4. Keep your hair oiled as much as you do hydrated. A good tip would be to mix a few natural oils in your water spray bottle. Kill two birds with one stone!
  5. If you can, co wash you hair instead of shampooing it. One of our editors Carmen hasn’t shampooed her hair in over a year, only co-washes and lives by it.
  6. Have fun! There are SO many styles you can try to explore. YouTube is a great source and will make you a natural hair self-proclaimed expert in no time!
  7. Encourage another brown beauty to make the transition.
  8. Commend a fellow Natural Hair Brown Beauty for embracing her natural hair.
  9. This blog will share the ins, end, tip trick and how-to for all things natural hair. If you know a fellow natural hair brown beauty suggest they follow our blog!