Protective Styles

protective styleOne of the most used terms us natural hairs wearers use is protective styles. Let’s keep in mind the key word here is protective. Your ultimate goal is to shield all aspects of your hair from tension.

Some may think this is a style that covers your natural hair for the sake of growth. In fact, it’s any hair style that protects the ends of the hair, decreases tangling, shedding and breakage. This can be as extreme as a weave or as simple as a pony-tail and bun. Keep in mind, any style you choose can cause damage if not applied properly. If box braids are too tight then your roots will suffer. The same goes for pony-tail and bun. What good is a bun (or any hair-do for that matter) if it gives you a headache and breaks off your hair?

Ideally you would want to deep condition your hair weekly, if not more often. This means no long-term natural hair styles (i.e. braids, twist, weaves). You will need to keep your hair conditioned to maintain and promote its health and growth.


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