Understanding Natural Hair

Let’s discuss the history of African Americans in natural hair.

Since the start of African Americans being traded by Europeans (a.k.a slavery), common styles worn by African American women were plaits and twist. Natural hair was considered a degradation by white people who teased black hair was  “wool-like”. Let’s fast forward to today and consider what wool looks and feels like and it’s relation to natural hair.


Wool is thick, coarse and matted and found on the body of sheep. Natural hair consist of the same characteristics, therefore being considered “nappy”.  Other familiar terms used to define natural hair are kinky, wavy, and coiled.

Today it is common for woman with natural hair to determine the consistency of their hair type. To determine the extent of kinks, waves and coils that make up their hair pattern and type. This allows the understanding of what works best (and worse) with your hair type. Allowing the best styling and hair care techniques and maintenance for natural hair.

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